The head of FromSoftware commented on the possible release of Bloodborne on PC

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Next year marks the 10th anniversary of the award-winning role-playing game Bloodborne. At that time, the game was released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 console and has not yet received another version, which makes many players shake their heads. In recent years, Various speculations appear regularly, according to which the game will receive a native version for the PlayStation 5, a remaster or a direct remake. Last but not least, the game’s release on PC is often mentioned. Despite the frequency of these indications, no official announcement has yet been made.

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Despite his advanced age It’s clear that there’s still interest in Bloodborne., as evidenced by frequent questions from players and journalists towards the FromSoftware studio. In an interview, the editors of PC Gamer magazine tried to find out more information about the future of Bloodborne by asking FromSoftware head Hidetaka Miyazaki about the possible release of the game on computers. Miyazaki said that the studio members themselves would undoubtedly like to see Bloodborne released on PC.

According to his personal words, he would be very happy if more players could play the game. Thus, for yourself and all FromSoftware Of course I didn’t block the port. However, as with previous speculations, it must be added that the rights to the brand belong to Sony. Therefore, the future of the entire brand and possible ports of the first and so far only part will be decided by the Japanese giant and the management of its gaming division.

Source :Indian TV

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