Turn-based strategy Ara: History Untold has a release date

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Exactly two years after the announcement of the turn-based strategy Ara: History Untold from Oxide Games, we finally learned the release date. Additional information could also be found on the Xbox Wire website.

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In any case, the main thing is the date itself, which is set on September 24 this year. On this day, the game will appear on Steam and Microsoft Store, and will also be available on Game Pass.

The creators attract with detailed graphics and animation. On the map we will be able to see children playing in the street, wild animals in the dense jungle, and later, for example, airplanes. Diversity should also be a big advantage, be it in biomes, leader selection, or paths to victory. It is up to us whether we try to win through military conquest, religious expansion, or perhaps strong industry.

At the end of the article, the developers talk about multiplayer, which should be more fun here than in other games of this genre. In them you usually have to wait a long time for your turn, but in Ara: History Untold, all players’ turns are made at the same time. This also makes the game fairer and you can join in at any time.

This is definitely not the first project of this genre that we have had here in the last few years. But it will be interesting to see how Ara handles the recently announced Civilization VII, a giant of the genre. However, the seventh volume will not be released until next year.

Source : Zing

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