Company working with Microsoft and Activision unfairly fired, CWA claims – INDIAN

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Activision gets fired again, but this time Microsoft is not far behind the team. His supplier company Lionbridge Technologies fired 160 employees Thus, Lionbridge is also accused of treating employees unfairly.

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Lionbridge provides translations and localization with a focus on the use of artificial intelligence. Based in Boise, Idaho, he worked with Microsoft and provided quality control specifically for Activision.

The company was accused by one of America’s largest unions, the Communications Workers of America (CWA). According to her, the employees were fired because they were engaged in activities within the union, in which “They indicated problems with working conditions.”

In addition, Lionbridge was required to offer severance packages to laid-off workers, requiring them to agree to “overly general terms of confidentiality and waive rights protected by the National Relations Act.”which the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) considers illegal.

The official reason for the layoffs is the termination of projects being worked on in Boise. However, within the CWA team V Mexico and Poland continue to work on these projects.

Similar anti-union layoffs occurred among Lionbridge employees back in 2016, when all union members in Bellevue, Washington, were fired following the first collective bargaining agreement. This one has also collaborated with Microsoft.

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Source :Indian TV

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