Suicide Squad will not go the way of Anthem. Despite low interest, he will continue to receive new content – INDIAN

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The first part of the new content with the Joker did not help and did not help Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League attract more players. This naturally raises questions as to whether Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Games is not considering cutting back on development in order to shift resources to more promising projects. The transfer of people to other projects is expected, but this should not affect the plan for additional support.

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Warner Bros. representative Games for Kotaku confirmed the completion of the announced roadmap. This means four seasons of new content. The second episode of the first season is currently underway. Each season is expected to bring a new playable character, new environment and other activities, skins and other news to keep players from getting bored.

Officially, we don’t know what will happen after this. Personally, I’d bet on one. The new content won’t attract enough players, Suicide Squad will have fewer and fewer players playing, and development will shut down after the first year of additional support.

As for the content of work at Rocksteady, then, according to behind-the-scenes information, they participate in Director’s Cut of Hogwarts Legacy and most of the team should focus on new single player game, which they should soon submit to Warner Bros. executives for approval. Games. So let’s hope that the creators of the Batman: Arkham series will be able to return to their roots. If not, the former Gotham Defender developers have found a partner in Microsoft to help them develop a new single-player adventure game.

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