State of Decay 3 lives and invites you into a harsh shared world infested with zombies – INDIAN

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The wait was very long. Since the announcement Decay state 3 An eternity has passed. But, as they say, hope dies last. People have it in a zombie-infested world, and so do players. The third part of the zombie survival game was shown at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 in a beautifully designed trailer.

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According to the developers from the studio Undead laboratories State of Decay 3 is a big evolution. Compared to typical zombie games and survival games in general, this game uses this particular engine. hope, and not despair. Sure, there are zombies, but the game focuses on strong themes like determination, community, and coping well with adversity.

She will be important again teamworkfor the community to survive. The authors did not forget about the irrevocable death of community members. But overall they go much further because they are part of Microsoft.

In today’s trailer they want pick up four playable characters – three of which start in different parts of the world. Thus, they denote the idea of ​​a common world. They’re working on it with the Obsidian team that created it. Grounded. Together they intend to bring real open co-op worldwhich affects multiple players.

Thank you Unreal engine 5 The title is intended to provide greater visual fidelity and a more complete combat experience. Unfortunately, the release date has not been disclosed. The creators still have a lot of work ahead. Next time they’ll tell us more about co-op, customization and other features of State of Decay 3.

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