Age of Mythology: Retold received a release date

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Yesterday’s Microsoft conference also revealed the expected strategy for Age of Mythology: Retold. With a carefully edited and graphically enhanced version of the original 2002 game, the World’s Edge and Forgotten Empires development teams attempt will appeal to fans of the original version, as well as new players. In the case of its sister series Age of Empires, this format more than worked well for remakes called Definitive Edition.

In addition to the recently published preview, we were also able to see the exact release date, which was scheduled for September 4 this year when Age of Mythology: Retold releases on PC (Steam), Xbox Series X/S and Xbox/PC Game Pass. At the same time, pre-orders were launched and the price was revealed, which in the case of the standard version is 30 euros.

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But there is also a premium edition available for 50 euros, which gives owners access to the game along with all the additional content. a week before the official release. We remind you and add that the game will be released on PC and Xbox Series X/S with official Czech localization in the form of subtitles.

Source :Indian TV

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