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Fallout 2 has a chance to return in a new format thanks to fans

Fallout 2 has a chance to return in a new format thanks to fans

Fallout 2 is one of the games that made history in the gaming industry. To this day, many players remember him fondly. Because of this, some time ago part of the community set out to create a remake of this legend on the Fallout 4 engine. However, this will not be an isometric RPG. Project Arroyo is supposed to be a first-person RPG, so it probably won’t appeal to all fans of the brand. However, development of the remake itself is expected to continue at a very decent pace, thanks to which there is already debate in the air about where to expect it.

One of the creators’ dreams is to release Project Arroyo on Steam. The main reason why this is so was commented by development manager Damion Deponte as follows: “It’s just a platform that everyone has. Easier to access, easier to update, easier to install. It’s just more efficient.” What may seem simple at first glance will not be simple, since, as mentioned, Project Arroyo uses the Fallout 4 engine, which can lead to certain problems. This is what its authors have to deal with. However, according to the creators’ Twitter account, the development itself should go without any particular difficulties due to the fact that more than a hundred developers are working on it. Due to where the Fallout 2 remake is expected to arrive, it’s likely that the game will only release on PC. When we will see it is still unclear due to the lack of a release date.

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