TOP craziest ways people have played games – INDIAN

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If the keyboard and mouse are a relic for you, the controller is boring, and you only consider the steering wheel as a tool for racing games, we have some interesting tips for you. Today we will look at those the most special devicewhich people decided to play.

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Let’s start with the classics, which have already become a kind of trend on the modern Internet. Of course, these are musical instruments, and you might be surprised how popular this method is in the gaming scene among streamers and YouTubers. A beautiful example is the complete passage of Minecraft on the keyboard. YouTuber Jachel created she programmed the keys so that they work like a classic keyboard and control the character in the game using different keys. It should be noted that this is not exactly an audio experience, but in a different way? Taking off my hat. However, she is not the only one who tried to become famous in the video scene by beating the game with her help. musical instrument. We have examples where the guitar or drums became a control when playing Dark Souls, or perhaps the flute in Call of Duty. The highlight of the oddity was a player nicknamed Waka, who played all over the world Super Mario with a flute… in his nose.

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