Cooler Master surprised Computex with streaming accessories and gaming monitors

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Cooler Master brought not only new cooling to Computex, but also gaming monitors, as well as the MasterHub system, a modular device capable of managing flow. We examined everything right on the spot.

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Cooler Master is expanding its portfolio with gaming monitors, a move that surprised many brand lovers. Models showcased at Computex included a massive 57-inch curved monitor and three 27-inch monitors with a high refresh rate of 240Hz, signaling the brand’s intention to focus on the higher end of the market.

Cooler Master is also introducing its new MasterHub “controller,” aimed at streamers and creators, which enhances the ability to create and stream content. A unique feature of this controller is its modular design, allowing individual elements to be easily replaced even during operation and without the use of tools.

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Users have access to a wide range of modules, including a panel with customizable buttons for displaying macros or functions, as well as a slider module ideal for adjusting the volume of inputs and outputs. There are also rotary wheels with an IPS display that allow you to fine-tune various settings such as brightness or volume.

The stand itself features customizable lighting and horizontal rotation, providing a wide range of customization options for each user. With its flexibility and Cooler Master’s promise to listen to the needs of the community, MasterHub can bring even more innovation and utility than competing products.

Among the cabinets, the NCore 600 Prestige model deserves the most attention with three glass walls and aluminum panels that create a luxurious and minimalist look even when using RGB lighting components. There will also be a basic version with a mesh panel, which will provide excellent cooling and a lower price.

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In the field of cooling, Cooler Master has once again presented its best products. The Masterliquid 360 ION water cooler features a unique pump design that allows you to customize the look with replacement panels. The Masterliquid X-Core series has a modular design that allows you to choose between the display on the Puma or the optional VRM cooling that also fits smaller cases. Thanks to its minimalism and efficiency, the retro fan and cooler 612 Ventus has also been a big success, offering not only a stylish design but also silent operation.

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Cooler Master also announced two complete kits for racing and flight simulators, including a computer, monitors, accessories, seat and structure. The Dyn X comes with three monitors: a GeForce RTX 4090, an Intel Core i9 13900K, 32GB of DDR5 RAM and a 2TB SSD, and with Cooler Master’s new 54-inch monitor, it can be turned into a flight simulator.

Cooler Master surprised at Computex with streaming accessories and gaming monitors Race1 1717556564537 min.  to scale

The Dyn X is great for racing enthusiasts and drivers alike, with easy modifications and the ability to buy the entire kit in one package, eliminating the need to select individual components.

Finally, at the stand we tested the new Caliber X2C and Caliber R3C chairs, which provide passive heat dissipation and body cooling of up to 2 °C, which is ideal not only for the summer. You can find a complete overview of the news on our sister site

Cooler Master surprised at the Computex exhibition with accessories for streaming and gaming monitors kreslo1 1717556909263 per min.  scale

Source :Indian TV

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