Thanks to Nightdive Studios, classic shooter Killing Time – INDIAN returns

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Nightdive, a studio that specializes in remastering and reviving gaming classics, has apparently been focusing on classic, iconic, but rather forgotten retro games in the wider gaming community as of late. I recently looked at the teeth of an unknown shooter and wrote down now comes Killing Time, a shooter full of ghosts and a 1930s horror atmosphere.which was released in a 3DO version already in 1995. Over the next two years, a port for Windows and Macintosh also appeared.

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Killing Time will return under the name Kill time: resurrected and offers full content of the original game from the 3DO studio, in which players take on the role of an Egyptology student. He must find and destroy a mysterious Egyptian device, lift its curse, and defeat hordes of supernatural enemies. Still it will also support 4K resolution and up to 144 frames per second.anti-aliasing or new or redesigned 2D screens and menus.

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Source :Indian TV

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