In the game Starminer you will mine asteroids and fight aliens – INDIAN

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The game premiered at the Guerrilla Collective presentation. Starminer from the studio CoolAndGoodGames under Paradox Arc. This is a real-time strategy game that simulates a sandbox in which you have to develop build an interstellar mining fleet, which will mine priceless minerals and sell them for huge profits. Just gotta be careful your greed will attract aliens. For this reason, your fleet should also have warships and defense ships to protect the mining ships at all costs.

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“You’ll feel your pulse quicken as you pilot a 150,000 ton warship among asteroids in the vacuum of space in real time. And all this with fully simulated physics.” call the authors. They also promise the opportunity build a fleet piece by piece. Be it small, more maneuverable vessels or huge stations equipped with firepower.

Starminer will release later this year on Steam as part of Early Access. Must be in early access for a year.

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Source :Indian TV

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