The first Halo could be updated and will be released on PlayStation

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The last few days have been marked by a lot of speculation and officially unconfirmed information. This group also includes a recently published article by renowned journalist Tom Warren from The Verge magazine, which claims that Microsoft is working on a remaster of the first part of the Halo series with the subtitle Combat Evolved. The original version of the game was released in 2001 on PC and the first Xbox. Here in 2011 followed by the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary remaster.which gradually appeared on PC and consoles Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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So, if the current information is confirmed, this will be the second remaster in the series. Warren mentions in the article that development is in its early stages, so an official announcement is unlikely anytime soon. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the article is the statement that Microsoft management is considering releasing the game on PlayStation.. At the same time, it is a Halo brand that has been strongly associated with Xbox since its inception as one of the most famous brands.

Source :Indian TV

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