It’s reminiscent of the action RPG Vranygrai, set in the Great Moravian Empire – INDIAN.

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Ivan Kubal from Dire Badger studio informed us about the current status of the upcoming role-playing game Vranigraywhich is built into Great Moravian Empire.

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The first chapter of the game, which makes up about 20% of the content and game world, should be completed this fall. This will be an important milestone in development. Currently, about 60% of gaming systems have been implemented. On this occasion, he presents a new video.

The title in May of this year won two awards: the first trophy was taken from Playground Arena and the second from Poland Digital Dragons. “Both awards are a great honor for me and motivation for further work. The project from Digital Dragons was especially surprising.” – says Ivan Kubal, the author of the game.

On May 8, as part of the Anifilm Liberec 2024 festival, Game Pitch Arena took place, where Ivan Kubal presented his project to the expert jury. In addition to Vranigray, thirteen other selected projects took part in the presentation.

Two weeks later, on May 20–21, at the Digital Dragons conference in Krakow, Poland, Vranigray received the Activision Special Prize for Ambitious Games Created by Solo Developers, in a competition with 226 projects submitted. The game was presented at the Czech national stand, organized by the Association of Czech Game Developers – GDACZ. The Vranigray gameplay video was shown for the first time at the event.

“After receiving this award, I decided to use the demo provided and publicly share the gameplay to indicate how the game is developing. So I’ve compiled one part of the mission from the current Vertical Slice into a short teaser called “The Road to the Vertical Slice.” adds Ivan Kubal. You can watch this part now on video.

Kubal currently looking for a publisher or other financial opportunities so that things like new character and exterior models, music, and an expanded development team could be created for the game. Apart from periodic small outsourcing of models and delivery of texts by the scriptwriter, the author remains the only developer on the project.

“Publisher support would greatly contribute to the growth and success of Vranigray.” If funding can be found by the fall, there will be a chance to release the game by the end of next year.” the author concludes.

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Source :Indian TV

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