New PlayStation bosses want to evaluate current business from a distance

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Hideaki Nishino And Hermen Hulst released a joint text on their appointment as head Sony Interactive Entertainment. Along with this, they also published an email addressed to employees. They express their enthusiasm, but also recognize, they say, that assessing PlayStation’s current direction requires taking a distance.

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“Community is at the heart of everything we do. Even if things don’t always work out, we always listen, learn, improve and adapt. “Thank you for being with us over the past thirty years,” they tell the players. “We believe that it has never been more important that leadership [PlayStationu] took a step back, took a holistic look at our business, and moved forward with a new structure designed to bring out the best in our company and continue to deliver more and more amazing experiences.”

Sony’s performance will be bolstered by the division into two business units, each led by a senior executive: “We will continue to work closely together to bring together the best of the Platform business group, which is responsible for technology.” hardware and network support in conjunction with Studios Business Group, which is responsible for proprietary content and IP expansion.”

“As we take on our new roles, we are taking the time to deepen our knowledge of various aspects of the business. You will receive information about the upcoming mass meeting in the coming weeks, and we plan to communicate with you regularly in the future,” Hulst and Nishino wrote to employees of Sony’s gaming division. They cite PlayStation’s profitability as one of their key goals, which also highlights the financial outlook.

Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino have headed Sony Interactive Entertainment since June 1. Replaced interim director and current chairman of the board Hiroki Totokiwhich replaced Jim Ryan. He finished five years at the head of the company in February of this year.

Source :Indian TV

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