Renault is the first electric truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2 – INDIAN

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The popular truck simulator features the first electric vehicle. Players European Truck Simulator 2 you can download the game for free Renault Trucks E-Tech T. Available only as part of quick orders. The developers explain this by the experimental stage. The loading path for this truck is limited 300 kilometers. If you run out of juice while on the road, you can use the emergency charging service and top up your charge for a fee.

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The car has a completely new interior and 4×2 chassis. The powertrain includes three electric motors located next to the transmission in the center of the chassis, which together provide power 490 kW. The truck is equipped with a new fully digital on-board computer with two screens. In addition, a blind spot sensor is integrated into the A-pillars. A different interior layout is also available for the right-hand drive version. E-Tech T uses regenerative brakingallowing it to partially recover up to 80% of the energy spent on acceleration using the engine or service brake.

There will be more electric trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2 in the future.

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Source :Indian TV

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