What will we see at the Xbox Games Showcase? The presentation will be in 4K format and in Czech – INDIAN language.

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The summer presentation will begin on Friday evening. Summer Games Festival, whose manufacturer is tempering expectations. They are also highly appreciated by the fans of the green camp, who on Sunday in Presentation of Xbox games expect a parade of big and interesting games in the coming years.

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In addition to games like Recognized, Indiana Jones and the Big Circle, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 And Shattered Space expansion for Starfield results are expected back Perfect darknessShooting games DOOM: Dark Ages And Gears 6. Expectations should also be remembered Fables and finally we were able to see the long-developed Decay state 3. Some news from Bethesda and Activision Blizzard is also taken into account.

The trailer will reportedly be the icing on the show’s cake. Xbox portable. Rumors about a portable Xbox have grown, with well-informed Reddit users even mentioning it. It makes sense that Microsoft would try to take a piece of the big pie that is ruled by the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, and offer players another opportunity to enjoy the interesting games offered by the Game Pass subscription library.

The second surprise should be a mysterious game from Microsoft that will be released during the transfer. The information came from an insider who previously revealed the release date of Hellblade 2 and the appearance of Lords of the Fallen on Game Pass. Insider eXtas1s did not specify what exactly this will be. A cooperative degree is considered Towerborn Stoic studios. Although this is not a direct Microsoft project.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft prepared more surprises like this and didn’t focus only on games, as it has already confirmed.

The Xbox Games Showcase will be broadcast in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with Czech subtitles on the official Xbox, Bethesda and Activision channels. Of course, we will not miss this event either and will offer you our broadcast with Czech commentary, as well as news on the website. The show will be followed by a special Direct aimed exclusively at Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.

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Source :Indian TV

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