You can play the new Czech Formula Evolution races for free on Steam

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Czech developer Petr Šimunek has attracted attention in the past with his Engine Evolution motorcycles, which he is gradually expanding and improving. Based on this game, he subsequently created another game called Motorbike Evolution 2024, which focused on online multiplayer gaming. These two games are now followed by a project called Formula Evolution 2024, which is available on Steam from Monday. It’s about MMO racing formula, in which up to 40 players can meet on the track. Aside from the races themselves, the focus is on collecting credits, which can then be used to purchase new formulas. They are inspired by different historical eras.

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So you start your racing career with early 20th century cars and later move on to more modern formulas. In terms of content itself, the game offers 40 formulas, as many real and user tracks and 10 different biomes. In terms of driving models, the game will appeal more to arcade racing fans.

“I have been creating this game since school and worked hard on it while studying at Charles University in Prague. My goal for this year is to implement my doctoral research on procedurally generated landscapes into the game. My goal is to one day capture 150 years of racing in a game.” states the author of the game.

The PC version of Formula Evolution can be downloaded for free on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Source :Indian TV

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