Lokalizace.net group launched a new website

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The renowned community translator group Lokalizace.net has been launched. new site with Czech gameswhich replaced the existing portal. “This system was programmed from the ground up based on user experience and observations of how this community operates over the years. This is a non-existent engine that you can simply buy or use. This is truly unique code written specifically for this purpose. An advanced WYSIWYG editor is used for the articles themselves and localization profiles. Please don’t look for any science in this, the system is really simple and we believe everyone can use it.” introduces authors to the form of the new site.

New pages accompanied by an improved manager, through which individual translators spread their Czech language. However, the group adds that it is not yet complete and they will continue to work on it. “ManagerV3, this is truly an alpha version. It only has basic features and will be worked on gradually. For now it only works on Windows, an SD version is on the way, but it will take some time.” In any case, in addition to the Czech language for individual games, on the new site you can already find a list of active translation groups and an overview of current translations.

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Source :Indian TV

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