Rating of the most viewed State of Play trailers – INDIAN

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On Friday evening Sony at a small presentation Game State showcased a range of upcoming games for PlayStation 5 and PC. Some games are eagerly awaited by players, while others do not understand why they are released.

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If you look at the ranking of the most viewed videos in the first few hours on the PlayStation YouTube channel, it is the most popular action RPG from that point of view. Wild Monster Hunters. In second place is a new product in the form of a cute platformer. Astro Bot and third Origin of Dynasty Warriors.

Only in Potato Place you will find gameplay footage from the multiplayer shooter Concord. Until Dawn remake it’s nine o’clock and announcements God of War Ragnarok version for PC until the end.

Which video caught your attention the most?

  1. Monster Hunter Wilds – 566,000 views
  2. Astro Bot – 299,300 views
  3. Dynasty Warriors Origins – 148,700 views
  4. Concord (gameplay trailer) – 142,200 views
  5. Where the winds meet – 137,400 views
  6. Silent Hill 2 (release date) – 136,700 views
  7. Infinity Nikki – 113,300 views
  8. The Ballad of Antara – 98,400 views
  9. Until Dawn – 96,400 views
  10. Marvel Rivals – 81,900 views
  11. Concord (movie trailer) – 76,600 views
  12. God of War Ragnarok PC – 74 9000 views
  13. Alien Rogue Incurion – 71,400 views
  14. Path of Exile 2 – 54,200 views
  15. Skydance Behemoth – 49,000 views
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Source :Indian TV

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