Diablo IV has a new ultimate weapon

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Each season of Diablo IV has its own features that can keep players engaged. Previously, in the game world you could meet a spider robot or a vampire. The current hit in light of the new realities are seasonal elixirs, among which you can find an item that is superior to any weapon that can be found in the game. Elixir of Holy Arrows is a potion that, when consumed, can cause large spears of light to fly out from slain enemies, with damage supposedly reaching into the trillions. By the way, the values ​​may not be entirely correct, but they make things easier for players in The Pit, where the best of them managed to reach level 141 out of 200.

Why such hatred towards the Holy Arrow Elixir? This is our power from Season 4, anyone can use it and it will disappear with Season 5.
byu/Enter1ch indiablo4

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Their further progress is hampered by monsters and effects that terminate the existence of all participants with one blow. We can say that extremes happen on both sides, which, of course, some players do not like. However, at least the company is aware of the elixir, so it is possible that there will be corrections. Only time will tell if we will see them. You can test the effectiveness of using Elixir of Holy Arrows in Diablo IV on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Game Pass.

Source :Indian TV

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