PlayStation 5 gamers spend the most money in Sony history – INDIA

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Console sales PlayStation 5 didn’t live up to Sony’s expectations, but overall the company can be pleased. After all, the PS5 is the console that generates the most revenue in history and players spend the most money.

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But let’s look at the entire report in more detail. PS5 is the most profitable generation of the Japanese company to date. In just four years she recorded $106 billionwhile PS4 was able to earn $107 million during its lifetime, which is from FY 2013 to 2019, and for PS5 from FY 2020 to 2023.

According to Sony, player spending on PS5 since its launch is 26% higher than on PS4 over the same period. On average this is per console $731 spent on content, services and peripherals, compared to $580 for the previous generation console.

But we must realize one thing. With the current-gen successor, the amount of additional content, season passes, battle passes, and microtransactions has increased. This is also evidenced by Sony, which reports an increase in spending on DLC and microtransactions by 176%, on services by 57% and on peripherals by 34%. On the contrary, it’s interesting drop for full games. Costs here are 12% lower than in the first four years of the PS4’s existence. It is also worth noting that prices for games and the consoles themselves have increased. Plus the discounts are not as big as before.

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Source :Indian TV

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