Sony removes interview with Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann due to manipulation – INDIAN

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Sony has removed the interview with Neil Druckmann from Naughty Dog after The Last of Us series creative director and studio head spoke out against a statement he didn’t actually make.

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According to the original interview, Druckmann said his team’s next game could change the way mainstream gamers experience games. However, his words were distorted. Druckmann countered them on social media, saying his quotes had been edited and thus lost proper context.

“Unfortunately, some words, context and intent were lost in the editing of my rambling answers I gave in a recent Sony interview,” Druckmann said this in a statement. In addition, Druckmann published an original statement in which we find nothing about redefining the mass perception of games.

This likely prompted Sony to remove the interview from its website. He explains his move by saying that The interviews revealed several significant errors and shortcomings that do not reflect the views and values ​​expressed by Druckmann. Plus Sony apologized to the players and creators of The Last of Us.

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Source :Indian TV

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