CD Projekt has finally abandoned the development of Cyberpunk 2077

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During its traditional quarterly investor call, CD Projekt revealed the current division of development teams between individual projects. The chart below revealed for the first time that the studio has finally abandoned Cyberpunk 2077, with no developers working on it anymore. A significant portion of CD Projekt’s capabilities are now focused on developing a new Witcher, codenamed Project Polaris. dedicates exactly 407 developers.

Since the last update at the end of February, the team has seen a slight increase in staff, which work on the sequel to “Cyberpunk” is underway. It is being created in a new branch of the studio in Boston, USA. But there are still 56 developers working on the new Cyberpunk, which suggests that development is still in its early stages. Smaller teams within CD Projekt or partner studios then work on things like developing a multiplayer Witcher game codenamed Project Sirius, or preparing an entirely new brand called Project Hadar.

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We can still add to current projects remake of the first Witcher, which was created in the independent studio Fool’s Theory. CD Projekt CEO Michal Nowakowski also noted the simultaneous development of several games, but noted that this is nothing new for the studio. In recent years, in addition to the upcoming fourth Witcher, CD Projekt has been working on a Phantom Liberty data disc for Cyberpunk 2077, which Nowakowski said was a full-game-sized project.

Source :Indian TV

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