The authors of the Batman: Arkham series will work on a AAA game in a new studio

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In October 2022, we reported the departure of developers Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker, who together they founded the Rocksteady studio. This came to prominence mainly through the Batman: Arkham series, which was followed in February of this year by the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League series, which received a more mixed reception. However, the final stage of development of Rocksteady’s latest game took place without the aforementioned pair of co-founders, who in the meantime founded a new studio called Hundred Star.

The first information about their upcoming project leaked today via Exputer magazine. The studio should specifically work on Single-player AAA action-adventure, which will run on Unreal Engine 5. According to information that has not yet been officially confirmed, the game should be created in collaboration with Microsoft, which will act as a publisher. It is reported that the contract between the two companies has already been signed, so financing for the entire project should also be provided.

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He currently has a Hundred Star studio in London. I have about 100 employees, of which 20 previously worked at Rocksteady. The studio is currently hiring additional developers. While the game’s development is likely still in its early stages, all signs point to former Rocksteady executives preparing another ambitious game.

Source :Indian TV

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