Festival of survival and crafting – INDIAN – takes place on Steam

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Showcasing all the games where you start with a clean background… and maybe work your way up to something better! Or not. It’s a new festival on Steam that celebrates a variety of games that have you crafting and/or surviving in an open world.

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Of course, he cannot but be here. Grow, which is now available for half price at €19.99. Space adventure No Man’s Sky also costs half price, i.e. 29.49 euros, while Forest 75% discount for 4.19 euros. If you want a new one Sons of the Forest, so one costs 20.29 euros. Viking Valheim thanks to the 50% discount for 9.99 euros and underwater subnautica with the same discount for 14.99 euros. In addition, it contains Czech subtitles.

If you want a break from open world survival, we recommend it. Gone days with Czech subtitles, where you become an outlaw biker traveling through a world infested with the infected. The game now costs 12.49 euros.

What else might interest you?

  • Enshrouded for 23.99 euros, 20% discount.
  • Project Zomboid for 13.06 euros, 33% discount
  • Terraria for 4.87 euros, 50% discount
  • Nightingale for 23.19 euros, 20% discount
  • Planet Crafter for 16.79 euros, 30% discount.
  • Palworld for 26.09 euros, 10% discount
  • Myth of Empires for 20.29 euros, 30% discount
  • Astroneer for 11.99 euros, 60% discount
  • Pacific Drive for 23.99 euros, 20% discount.
  • Medieval Dynasty for 22.49 euros, 25% discount
  • Subnautica: Below Zero for 14.99 euros, 50% discount

You have until June 3, 2024 to make your purchase. If you are planning to buy something, you can top up your Steam wallet within a minute using a coupon at Herní-kupony.cz. You don’t need a payment card. To pay, you can use online transfer, regular transfer, you can pay using your mobile phone via SMS or in cash at Sazka terminals. The coupon will be sent immediately by email.

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Source :Indian TV

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