Konami plans Silent Hill Transmission presentation on Friday

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While there has been a lot of speculation about a possible State of Play event from Sony in recent days, we finally have an announcement from a completely different, albeit also Japanese, company. We are talking about Konami, which this evening announced the next presentation of Silent Hill Transmission, which will take place on Friday. May 31 at 1:00 am morning CST.

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Konami only adds that we can expect new information about the games, a deeper look at the upcoming film Return to Silent Hill, inspired by the second part of the game series, as well as new merchandise.

The company has not disclosed which games we will see, but we can almost say with certainty that a remake of Silent Hill 2 from the Polish studio Bloober Team will be shown. The developers have repeatedly reported that the project is almost complete and is simply waiting for Konami to decide to announce a release date. Here’s where it could happen.

In addition, two more titles are officially known. The first is the somewhat mysterious Silent Hill: Townfall from the No Code studio and the art publishing house Annapurna, about which we know almost nothing. The latest project is Silent Hill f, which takes place in Japan in the 1960s. This is the game that is supposed to be the next big thing that fans have been waiting for a very long time.

Let’s see what Konami does, because the restart of the series that has already started looks somewhat contradictory. The interactive series with the subtitle Ascension turned out to be an outright failure and Konami itself chose to forget about it. The recently released game Silent Hill: The Short Message, which deals with difficult topics like bullying, domestic violence and mental health, has received very positive reviews (including our review), but also a lot of negative ones.

Source :Indian TV

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