Ubisoft vs. Hades 2, or what happened to “Rogue Prince of Persia”? – NATIVE AMERICAN

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The Prince of Persia rises from the dead. Again and again… But now I’m not talking about the brand itself, which, after many years of absence, saw its second project this year. I’m talking about the very concept of the recently released Robber Prince of Persia. A Roguelike platformer that features a fairly simple cycle of dying and respawning. Unfortunately, by the standards of these games, it’s too easy.

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Unlike the successful platformer The Lost Crown from Ubisoft, in The Rogue Prince of Persia from the authors of Dead Cells we play as a real Persian prince trying to stop the Hun invasion of his home kingdom. To achieve this, he will have to get into it directly from the outskirts of the city, no matter what. However, it won’t be easy. In addition to Hun squads and some monsters, you will also encounter unfriendly environments, collapsing floors, and bosses.

However, our Prince of Persia has one important advantage. With each death, his pain helps him return to the past. To base camp so he could start his expedition again and be better prepared. Rogue Prince of Persia, so it does not in any way violate the usual basics of roguelike games. With each playthrough you will gradually begin to exchange your usual equipment in the form of two daggers and a bow for new things that will allow you to become one step closer to your goal. Daggers will soon replace a spear or a sword, and instead of a bow you will pick up, for example, a chakram.

However, that’s not all, as you’ll gradually improve over the course of individual playthroughs. Very soon you will meet special medallions. They usually add passive bonuses that you often have to activate somehow. Of course, one of them will set your opponent on fire if you kick him into a wall. Another creates a cloud of poison when you kick one enemy into another. The third one will throw daggers if you dodge the attack at the right moment. And another one can heal you a little if you kill someone. What makes the medallion system interesting is its modernization.. Although you can upgrade your main weapon for a small amount of money from randomly found blacksmiths; medallions improve with other medallions. Once you’ve collected them, you’ll have the option to plant them in one of four slots and each of them also shows which positions to his left or right he will improve. Thus, the correct placement of medallions can mean the difference between their basic and upgraded versions.

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