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The announcement of the top-down RPG No Rest for the Wicked from the creators of Ori probably surprised me as much as many others. I didn’t know exactly what to expect from Moon Studios’ new game, but what I got my hands on was definitely not that. I was intrigued by the idea when it was announced., graphics and gameplay. So as soon as the game came out in Early Access on Steam, I just knew I had to play it. Like many others early access titles, even the current version of No Rest for the Wicked, in fact, offers only a part of the entire adventure that awaits us. But even this already beautifully shows the advantages – and, unfortunately, for me, too, weak points – which fluctuated positively and negatively depending on my opinion of the title.

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No Rest for the Wicked is an isometric RPG. In the role of Cherimo, a member of an ancient sect whose goal is to eradicate the plague, we reach the island of Isola Sacra in unfavorable conditions. And this even at the moment when the king of the local empire died. Which, of course, entails political intrigue. I admit frankly that I did not pay much attention to this story. I’ll be happy to enjoy it when it’s finished, but for now it’s just an introduction that won’t lead anywhere.. Which, of course, is not a criticism, but simply a statement of facts and an attempt to simultaneously praise the really well-designed cut scenes and, on the other hand, get to the main thing – the gameplay.

After all, that’s where the main fun will be. Or maybe it’s not interesting for some. From a bird’s eye view, we have to go through fairly well-developed locations and fight hordes of enemies. But you will feel the uniqueness from the very first full battle, in which the game will probably kick your ass. The difficulty and relatively interesting pacing of the combat make this game quite difficult to describe. Combat isn’t mechanically demanding, and enemies can’t stand it either, but neither can you, and enemies tend to attack quickly. Every little mistake will cause you sacramental pain. You have a somewhat classic set of protection options. In addition to the normal attack, there is also the ability to parry attacks or evade enemy attacks. The parry window and dodge speed depend on your equipment. And not only in terms of the presence of a shield, but also the weight of the armor parts and the weapons you have. Be it daggers or a large two-handed sword. Each gear has its own strengths, weaknesses, and stats that you’ll need to carefully consider depending on how you want to play. This also includes the character’s statistics as such, which you will gradually improve in several categories with each level increase.

Not only in this but in many other ways, No Rest for the Wicked is actually a fairly standard RPG that you’ve probably played before. But most of the uniqueness comes from the additions or certain mechanics. I would like to dwell first of all on the study of the world itself. At the moment, the accessible regions of the island of Isola Sacra can be – purely technically – completely cleared of enemies. But only for a certain time. Unlike Souls-like games, from which this one takes a lot of inspiration, enemies do not regenerate upon every death, but simply after a while.. This also applies to different subjects; or general equipment from corpses, chests or respawning mushrooms; fish that reappear in the water, or trees that can be cut down again.

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