Review of the board game Marvel Dice Throne

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I recently introduced you here to the card game Valeria’s Kingdom, which combines dice and cards. The format is popular, so today we have a text game full of Marvel Dice Throne heroes, which came out in two versions. The following lines will tell you what characters you will meet in them and how this play is played out.

Number of players: 2–4 (4–8 if you have both sets)
Game time: 30 minutes
Price: 1599 CZK (Alsa)
Age: 8+

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Each Marvel Dice Throne set gives you specific heroes.

Many comic books and their film adaptations collide with characters from the Marvel universe. It’s always a worthy battle that you want to experience firsthand at some point. The Marvel Dice Throne card game gives you that opportunity. It can be found in two formats. One features Loki, Thor, Miles Morales and Scarlet Witch, while the other features Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Black Widow. There are eight characters in total.

Each of them is actually unique here in every way. Each one has its own dice, cards and game board, showcasing its abilities that you can implement. And to make matters worse, there is also a status table where you can again find specific character skills and statuses. It probably won’t surprise you that, for example, Thor in this space has his beloved hammer, Miles Morales has invisibility, and Black Panther has a suit and kinetic powers. Once you have determined who is best for you, the game itself begins.

First, there is the maintenance phase, where you actually evaluate what happened in the previous turn. Next comes the Reception stage. Heroes need battle points for their actions, which you always receive at the beginning of this part along with a card from your deck, which actually consists of unique cards for each of the characters. Sure, you have a few of the same cards, but they mostly consist of parts that you work with in the main phase.

In it you can sell cards and turn them into battle points. You can play some of your cards if you want. Some ask for battle points, while others have other requirements. Some of them are for action, others improve your hero. The palette of abilities is really diverse and there are enough options, so you definitely won’t get bored. The upgrade itself may subsequently affect the next phase of the action dice roll. With it, you roll five dice and then have the option to re-roll all or some of them twice.Review of the board game Marvel Dice Throne Marvel Dice Throne 3

Once you’ve cast a spell, it’s time to choose the ability your hero has. I really like that skills can be modified with buffs, so they require different dice than if the ability wasn’t buffed. Your throw can be changed by participants using cards. When you finish, the selected attack ability activates. The interesting thing is that here, with a larger number of opponents, you determine the goal by rolling dice. The attacker then has the option to roll a dice or die for defense, which can reduce the damage or, with luck, wound the attacker. Then comes the Main Stage again, built on the same site as the first.

The eighth part of the game is the discard phase, where you sell cards until you have 6 or fewer left in your hand. Then you put them all in a storage bag. The game itself then ends in Marvel Dice Throne at the moment when, for example, during a clash between two players, you take 50 lives from your opponent. Since you can bet on a different hero and strategy each time, it’s always fun.Review of the board game Marvel Dice Throne Marvel Dice Throne 5 1

When Marvel Dice Throne twice

There are quite a few Marvel related games out there, but I certainly wouldn’t dare call most of them crap. With Marvel Dice Throne, you get an interesting game that effectively combines cards with dice and allows you to take on uniquely designed heroes that are handled very well. Overall, there’s no real reason to complain about the components or insert. In short, complete satisfaction.

Review of the board game Marvel Dice Throne Marvel Dice Throne 2

I would probably approach this differently in another card game, but in the case of Marvel Dice Throne, it makes sense to me that if he’s going to be in this game, he better take both sets. There are two reasons why. First, you increase the number of players at the expense of the second. Secondly, you will expand the set of heroes and give the opportunity to play only eight players, because each hero has its own dice, cards and components, so taking one does not limit the other and vice versa. Personally, I really enjoyed playing it, so if you like quick dice games, I wouldn’t be afraid of it at all.

We would like to thank Czech distributor REXhry for providing us with a copy of Marvel Dice Throne.

Source :Indian TV

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