Players may begin to change The Witcher 3 beyond recognition

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The Polish studio released CD Projekt RED. full version of the tool called REDkit, which is intended for creating modifications of the third Sorcerer. After a long wait, modders from the PC community now have a solid foundation to build upon. The developers have already announced that players will be able to create, for example, their own characters, dialogues, objects and dialogues and entire stories.

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The launch trailer attached above followed closely behind. several training videos, in which CD Projekt representatives explain the basics of REDkit and how to install individual modifications. At the same time, the first ambitious creations of the community are already beginning to appear. For example, a mod from a user with the nickname AngryCatster, who set himself the goal of transferring the full map from the first part to The Witcher 3, attracted attention. You can view a short walk around Vyzima and the mentioned tutorials below.

Source : Zing

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