Kojima’s Mad Max? Director Miller would be in favor

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At the premiere of a film arriving in theaters Furiosa: The Mad Max Saga answered the director and creator of the brand George Miller Asked by GAMINGbible if he would welcome another Mad Max video game: “I’m one of those people who would rather not do something unless I’m going to do it to the highest possible level. But I was just talking to [Hideem] Kojima, who came from Japan. If he took it upon himself…

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Hideo Kojima does not hide his attitude towards the series, and especially towards the last two films “Fury Road” and the new “Furiosa”. He even cast director George Miller, or rather borrowed his likeness, to star in the upcoming Death Stranding 2. “But he himself has so many fantastic ideas in his head that I wouldn’t even ask him about it. But if someone like him would take it on…” Miller adds.

In short, the director also returned to 2015 video game: “She wasn’t as good as I wanted. We didn’t have it in our hands.” Avalanche Studios The game received a lukewarm reception at the time, but currently has a 91% positive rating on Steam.

Source :Indian TV

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