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After small updates aimed at fixing and improving the game, Saber Interactive is releasing a larger update. IN Expeditions: MudRunner game all players will be able to enjoy adventures on the new map and try to overcome difficult terrain two new cars.

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“After the earthquake in central Arizona, the area no longer looks the same. Use all your skills to find your way through these dangerous and deserted hills and canyons. Only then will you be able to uncover the existence of an unknown civilization.” press release calls for a new map.

Through 22 missions Hints and sightings await you, including in the caves, which are just part of the underground adventures that will appear in future updates.

You can take two new cars to complete missions: SIRO 72 T8-N And AFIM Hornet 622T, as well as use the abilities of new specialist Marcus Kingsley. According to the developers, this will come in handy. So that we have a complete list of important news, so new activity – collecting amethysts.

If you’re waiting co-op mode, so it will arrive in the summer. It should go into public beta testing in a few weeks. “From now until the first season, the teams are working hard to improve the game and provide players with the best experience possible.” says a press release, noting that “Expeditions” is their first attempt new experience within the MudRunner brand. Saber wants SnowRunner and Expeditions to offer different experiences.

Besides what is written above, this is part of the update improvements to gameplay, user interface and other parts of the game. Among other things, the developers want to motivate players not to miss scanning with a new reward. Winch mode now disappears when the engine is turned off or when the vehicle rolls over. Fuel consumption does not change when tire pressure changes when the car is stationary.

In the coming weeks and months, the authors plan a lot of content. In addition to paid seasons, they want to please the community with additional free content, including new cars, tools, specialists and much more. With each new season, Year Pass owners will receive new equipment, specialists, as well as exclusive game mechanics and cosmetics.

Expeditions: A MudRunner Game was released on PC, Nintendo Switch and the last two generations of PlayStation and Xbox consoles with Czech subtitles.

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