The Czech action film Crime Boss calls for a second chance. Logging onto Steam and getting new content – INDIAN

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Version Crime Boss: Rockey City Things weren’t going well for Hollywood actors. But the white flag was not raised at the Ingame studio in Brno. Instead, they started working on improving and enriching the game. The result was a number of improvements, patches and eight updates.

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The community helped the creators improve. Today, the extravagant first-person shooter has become more fun and better. The next stage is release on Steam. The Epic Games Store will lose exclusivity on June 18 this year. It will appear on all platforms on the same day. expansion of the Order of Kanyaliwhich will feature new enemies, a new boss and new playable characters, including laser weapons.

In The Order of Cagnali, a new player arrives in the city: Cagnali Industries, seeking to take over the city and its underworld. In a new storyline Players will face impossible odds and confront order in four dystopian missions. In them, the RCPD is joined by a robot police force from an evil megacorporation.

If you buy the game on Steam, you will receive the Order of Cañali. for free along with previous add-on packs such as the Dragon’s Gold Cup, Heavy Hitters Weapons Pack, and Tactical Weapons Pack. At this point, you can add the game to your wishlist.

In a press release, studio head Jarek Kolář thanks the community for their support and announces new content coming to Crime Boss: Rockay City in the coming months.

Crime Boss: Rockay City is available for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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