US Amazon opens first European game development studio – INDIAN

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American company Amazon intends to establish itself in the world of video games. After developmental training in his homeland, he opens his first studio in Europe. It is led by an experienced producer who has worked on action games set in an open world.

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Amazon’s first European studio is located in Bucharest. Its leader is Christian Pana. He worked at Ubisoft for twelve years as an executive director. He participated in games and TV series such as Far Cry, The Division or Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Pana doesn’t hide his enthusiasm in his statement. TO Amazon Games Bucharest intends to attract talent from across Europe to work with the Amazon division to develop a diverse catalog of games.

As we know, Amazon Games created Orange County. Lord of the Rings MMORPG, a story-driven online RPG, is also in development at Amazon Games, with unspecified projects in development at Disruptive Games and Glowmade. We can’t forget Lara Croft’s new adventure in Tomb Raider, as Amazon is the publisher of the new game from Crystal Dynamics.

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Source :Indian TV

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