IGN buys Eurogamer, GamesIndustry, Rock Paper Shotgun and others

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Although we mostly write about acquisitions of game studios, there are also isolated acquisitions in the media sphere. However, the acquisition announced today is huge. It is supported by IGN Entertainment, owner of not only IGN magazine, but also the HowLongToBeat website and the Humble Bundle store, for example.

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And what is the item to buy? The Gamer Network family of gaming magazines, including famous names such as Eurogamer, GamesIndustry.biz, Rock Paper Shotgun and VG247.

And that’s not all: Gamer Network owns a stake in Hookshot (which includes Nintendolife, Push Square and Pure Xbox magazines), as well as the tech arm Eurogamer Digital Foundry. However, DF’s John Linneman confirmed that they will not be affected by any changes.

VGC Magazine also has a contract with Gamer Network. However, its editor-in-chief Andy Robinson clarified that VGC as such is independently owned. So there shouldn’t be any changes there either.

In other newsrooms, things are much worse, since layoffs occurred immediately after the announcement of the acquisition. So, executive editor Brendan Sinclair is disappearing from the GamesIndustry editorial team, experienced editor Alice Bell from Rock Paper Shotgun and veteran Stephanie Nunnally-Jackson, who has worked in this medium for 15 years, are disappearing from V247. These are the ones who have already spoken out publicly about the unfortunate situation, but there are likely many more editors forced to leave their jobs.

Source :Indian TV

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