The creators of the hit Baldur’s Gate 3 are opening a new studio in Poland – INDIAN

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Large corporations are curtailing projects and laying off workers, and an independent Belgian company Larian Studios opens the seventh branch in a row. She is based in Warsaw and will help with the upcoming games.

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Larian’s goal is to create a team in the Polish metropolis that will help with the development of two new role-playing games. You, the creators Baldur’s Gate 3 they describe how very ambitious. Apparently, they will have no shortage of interested candidates from among the talents with extensive experience in the RPG genre. It is based, among other places, in Poland. CD Project RED (The Witcher and Cyberpunk) Techland (Dying Light).

The new team will be called Larian Studios Warsaw and will collaborate with other Larian studios located in Ghent, Belgium, Quebec, Canada, Dublin, Ireland, Guildford, UK, Barcelona, ​​Spain, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

As Larian CEO Sven Vincke previously explained, we shouldn’t expect anything from them. no new Baldur’s Gatenot to mention additional content for the current third part of Baldur’s Gate.

“We are a company with big ideas. We are not a company built around developing DLC ​​and expansions. Life is too short and our ambitions are too great.” Vincke stated. What new things are they planning? This could be a return to the flagship Divinity series, or they could surprise and boast of something completely different, which no one expects from them now.

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Source :Indian TV

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