Shift Up Studio is passionate about Stellar Blade 2 and the number one PC version – INDIAN

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South Korean studio Shift Up with mower Star Blade managed. We haven’t heard any numbers from Sony as the publisher, but the game’s sales are reportedly exceeding expectations. Thanks to this, the company enters the stock market and intends to devote itself to other projects.

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Access to the exchange will allow you to get more money to finance new projects. The main one now is a new action game under the working title project “Witches”. This is a completely new brand at an early stage of development. It is scheduled for release in 2027 across multiple platforms. PC, consoles and mobile devices are expected, the South Korean website reports.

Interestingly, you can find more articles from recent days on this site. One says it in Shift Up they’re considering the PC version of Stellar Blade and the second part. In the meantime, they’re preparing unspecified additional content. Another article later directly states that Most of Stellar Blade’s 98 existing developers are working on a sequeland by the end of this year, the company plans to have 120 employees working on Stellar Blade, including the PC version and additional content.

Shift Up’s long-term plan is to grow gradually to be able to start working on a new AAA project every two to three years, with development times currently at four to five. Reducing time while maintaining high quality will require hiring new employees. But they will have to be placed in new offices. By 2027, the company would like to have about 550 employees.

It all depends on how Shift Up performs in the stock market. If it’s more, then management would like it. bought several brands, on which it worked. Which one exactly was not specified. However, Stellar Blade was created in collaboration with Sony, and the mobile game Goddess of Victory: Nikke was created thanks to Tencent.

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Source :Indian TV

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