PlayStation exclusive Stellar Blade may be coming to PC

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Developers from the South Korean studio Shift Up!, which released the Stellar Blade event in April this year, said that the game managed to exceed sales expectations. The game even became the best-selling game over the past month in some regions on the PlayStation 5 console, where Stellar Blade was exclusively released. The studio also admitted that it is currently preparing unspecified additional content and collaborating with another brand. In this case, one should take into account the release of the game on computers and a full-fledged continuation.

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In addition to Stellar Blade, the developers are reportedly working on a cross-platform game with a working title. The Witch Project, which is due out in 2027 on both consoles and PC. For more information on Stellar Blade, check out our review, which rated the game 9/10 and gave the following verdict:

“An extremely beautiful and well-thought-out game, with an excellent combat system, unforgettable bosses and locations, varied gameplay and an interesting sci-fi plot. At almost every step you will admire the talent and care of the creators. This is exactly how I imagine a “showcase of next-generation consoles” which deserves admiration and applause.”

Source :Indian TV

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