The expected samurai action game Die by the Blade has been released

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Developers from the Slovak studio Grindstone have released Die by the Blade for PC. We first told you about the game back in October 2020, when the authors requested funds on Kickstarter. It was originally planned to be released in 2022. However, the development was significantly delayed, which was also facilitated by disagreements between the authors and the Kvali publishing house. Finally The developers themselves purchased the rights to the game.which have now finally reached the players themselves.

The game is currently fully available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. However, the reaction from the gaming community has so far been very mixed, as evidenced by the user rating of 57% on Steam. The main problem is poor technical condition and optimization, for which representatives of the Grindstone studio have already apologized to the players. In a post on Steam they admitted that they should have gone the early access route and release the full version only after eliminating current problems and shortcomings. However, they promised players that they would gradually improve the game in the form of free updates.

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Die by the Blade is considered a spiritual successor to the 1997 Japanese game Bushido Blade. A game betting on 1 on 1 fights and the so-called “one-hit-kill” system. Also worth noting is the samurai-punk setting and a large number of traditional Japanese weapons. The PC version is set to be followed by a console release this October.

Source :Indian TV

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