Strauss Zelnick: We did not close Roll7 and Intercept

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Strauss Zelnikboss Take-Two Interactivedenied reports of the closure of a couple of studios in an interview with IGN Roll7 And Game interception. “To be clear, we did not close these studios,” he said.

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The original information was provided by Bloomberg, which rarely makes mistakes. The developers themselves hinted at the team’s plight, and Take-Two, as required by law, announced “layoffs as part of the shutdown” in Seattle, where Intercept Games is based. However, there has been no official confirmation from the company or studio.

“We announced $165 million in current and future cost savings, but we didn’t close anything,” Zelnick repeated. Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier in response, shared a message from Take-Two with Roll7, saying that the publisher is considering closing the study. Schreyer calls this wording standard under British law and considers this announcement to be the final end of the team.

According to Bloomberg and GamesIndustry, other employees were also expected to be fired. Private division, under which both named studies fall. Zelnick declined to comment further. He only reiterated that 5% of Take-Two employees will be laid off.

“The entire company, including the private division, contributed to reducing costs. As part of the private division, we have revised our plans and still intend to support a number of games,” Take-Two representatives recently told GamesIndustry. They named Moon Studio’s No Rest for the Wicked, Wētā Workshop Game Studio’s Tales of the Shire, and Gamefreak’s co-op title as upcoming games. They confirmed that support will continue. Kerbal Space Program 2developed by Intercept Games.

Despite Zelnick’s words, the Intercept Games and Roll7 teams have gone bankrupt, according to multiple credible sources. It is quite possible that the official closure has not yet occurred; theoretically, the studios could exist “on paper” for some time without permanent staff. In any case, Take-Two’s silence on the team situation is suspicious to say the least, and unlike its boss, a company spokesperson (or anyone else) has not denied these reports.

Source :Indian TV

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