Sales of popular builder Manor Lords exceed all expectations

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Manor Lords continues to perform very well, as evidenced not only by the ever-increasing number of positive reviews among a wide range of players, but also by how well the game is doing in terms of sales. Less than a month has passed since it went into early access, and it has already sold more than 2 million copies – a figure that even some AAAA projects can only dream of at the moment.

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The game’s creator and publisher Hooded Horse had optimistic ideas, but as their new statement shows, reality has exceeded all expectations: “We had fairly optimistic expectations and even wild hopes, but reaching two million copies of Manor Lords so quickly exceeded even those expectations.“It’s great that this creation is doing so well because it shows that even a smaller creator can achieve success. If you don’t already own Manor Lords and are interested in the game, it’s available on PC, where you can get it on Steam or as part of Game Pass.

Source :Indian TV

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