TOP worst game adaptations – INDIAN

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Making games based on movies, TV series or books is still a very popular concept. However, as it has become common knowledge among us gamers, as soon as we hear the word “adaptation”, every hair on our body stands on end, and this is not surprising, because it often turns into a disaster. And here are 10 examples when this happened.

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There are a lot of great 007 games out there, but 007 Legends definitely doesn’t belong here. The game turned out so bad that the release was fatal for the Eurocom studio behind the title. At the same time, the idea of ​​a title being released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the film series that would take us through half a century of James Bond didn’t sound so bad. The title was centered on a film saga. from the very beginning to the latest project Skyfall, which was heading to cinemas. James Bond was played by Daniel Craig, which actually would have been nice if the developers hadn’t decided to include him in all stories, no matter whether they were current or long ago. But that was only the beginning. The game was more like Agent 007. new part of Call of Duty and at its core it was more of a boring shooter than an interesting run through the James Bond story. The graphics at that time were also not worth much attention, and it turned out that since then we have not seen a full-fledged game from the James Bond universe. Bye then.

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