Epic is offering a famous AAA game for free

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A week later, the digital store Epic Games Store contacted us again with another free offer. Last week you were able to add the lesser known game Circus Electrique and the free Firestone pack to your library. This time, after some time, a full-fledged AAA title awaits you again in the form of the fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition. You have time to activate it until May 23 (17:00).

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This is a famous fantasy role-playing game released in November 2014 by BioWare and Electronic Arts. It’s still the final installment in the series, but should be followed by a sequel called Dragon Age: Dreadwolf this year or early next year. The game offers a large open world, a rich plot with countless dialogues and entertainment for tens to hundreds of hours. Epic is offering a Game of the Year Edition for free, which includes all the additional content in addition to the base game.

Source : Zing

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