The Sims fever is at its peak. The creators of the XCOM – INDIAN series are already preparing for the competition

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New Sims it won’t be so easy anymore. Several creators are preparing a competition for a very popular life simulator. To previously presented games Life is you from Paradox, Inzoi from Crafton and Paralysis from an enthusiastic fan joins the veterans of Firaxis Games.

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Jake Solomon And Will Miller founded a company in Maryland, USA Midsummer Studios, where they are working on a life simulator. The creators of the XCOM series and Marvel’s Midnight Suns want to try to revive the genre.

They were joined by a former producer and director of The Sims. Grant Rodik (known as the SimGuru Grant). He even led Project Rene, the sequel to The Sims 4. The entire team is rounded out by other former Firaxis developers.

Their new name has not yet been revealed.

“The best stories in games are written by the players.” Solomon is convinced. “With Midsummer, we’re creating a life simulation game focused on the drama of modern life, where our players will write meaningful stories just by playing, and then share those stories with the world.” he added.

Veterans are looking at an initial investment of $6 million. Investors include Tirta Ventures, Betaworks Ventures, 1Up Ventures, F4 Fund, Krafton and Day Zero Productions.

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Source :Indian TV

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