World of Warships Celebrates D-Day Anniversary – INDIAN

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80 years ago, in early June, Allied troops began the largest amphibious operation in military history. To commemorate this exceptional military operation, we are releasing a free game. World of Warships three new operations in a new type of battle.

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The first operation will be available in update 13.4, and the second and third in update 13.5. Each operation will last two weeks, you will play with ships V.-VII. level and will be able to participate in the division of up to 6 players.

The first and third operations involve battleships, cruisers and destroyers, while the second operation specifically targets German destroyers. If you don’t have ships suitable for the event, don’t worry—the creators will provide players with charter boats.

In the first operation, you will command the Allied vanguard in pursuit. prepare Utah Beach for landing. You’ll have to fight your way through enemy naval forces and suppress coastal defenses so that the landing ship can arrive safely.

“D-Day operations will only have one difficulty level. Completing the main quest won’t be the hardest part. However, we have brought back the stars that players earn by completing side missions during the D-Day event. Wargaming reports this.

From the first part of the reward line you can get: Commander Robert Jaujard with 6 skill points, the “Important Day” badge and the “Symbol of the Resistance” badge.

As part of the D-Day celebrations, Wargaming is introducing a special event mechanic called Secret documents. These documents will give you bonuses against certain types of enemies. There are three different levels: Confidential, Secret and Top Secret, with each additional level giving you more bonuses.

It will also be added to the game. D-Day temporary port. You can access it by clicking on the D-Day event panel in a port or by selecting the D-Day battle type. In the port selection window, this change will not affect your previous port and you can always simply return to it.

The World of Warships update will be released on May 16, 2024.

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Source :Indian TV

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