Diablo IV saw the release of its fourth season

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Diablo IV, released last June, today received a whole series of new products that were sent to the game as part of the recently released fourth season called Loot Reborn. Before the release, Blizzard representatives talked about the biggest changes to the gameplay to date. For example, the system for editing items, led by affixes, has been improved. In addition to their simplified ones, one completely new rare type of affixes has been added.

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It is also worth noting changes to the Code of Strength or the new Tempering system, which opens up deeper opportunities in the field of customization of purchased equipment. It also deserves a mention in the content area. new part of endgame content called “The Pit”. Selected news and changes are presented in more detail in the gameplay sample attached above. You can find detailed information in the blog on the official website of the game. Diablo IV is available on PC (Steam), as well as on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Source : Zing

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