Capcom is preparing a remake of Resident Evil 1 – INDIAN

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So, it seems that the wishes of fans of the Capcom horror series will be heard. The Japanese company must prepare Remake of Resident Evil 1. This is what players have wanted for a long time. You have also posted several comments in our discussions.

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In recent years, Capcom has managed to modernize Resident Evil 2, 3 and 4. All four remakes are successful, and the first part using modern RE engine. Capcom is reportedly planning to release the game in 2026, when Resident Evil celebrates its 30th anniversary.

But at the moment these are just speculations. They come from insider and leaker Daniel Ritman. In this way, he is trying to increase the number of Patreon subscribers.

In March of this year, Capcom announced that Remake of Resident Evil 4 exceeded 7 million copies sold. The entire series has reached over 154 million units.

Resident Evil is usually reported by Dusk Golem. According to him, Capcom was supposed to greenlight other games under the Resident Evil name, including other remakes, as early as 2023. This will probably be the closest Resident Evil 9. It is expected to release in January 2025 and is set on an island in Southeast Asia. This fictional place is supposed to be inspired by Singapore. It is believed that this is the longest development installment in the history of the series.

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