Try the new Czech strategy Shrot for free

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A Czech developer under the nickname Spytihněv released the full version of a retro first-person shooter called Hrot last May. The game received rave reviews already during Early Access, as evidenced by, for example, a 97% rating on Steam. But the mentioned author spent a long time preparing his next title, which called Schrot. The genre is RTS, which, like the aforementioned Hrot, is inspired by games of the 90s.

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In the case of “Srot”, this is primarily the Czech real-time strategy “Paranoia”, which was released in our country only in 1995. It is being talked about as the world’s third-best real-time strategy game, inspired mainly by Dune. II. Throw you away leads to the newly discovered planet Shiza, which is an important source of wild hops. It is this wealth that leads to war between three warring clans over the entire planet.

The developer attracts with a deep plot, randomly generated battles, three playable clans and a techno soundtrack. If the description of the game interests you, you can rate it. recently released demo version, which is currently available for free on Steam. The full version of Schroth will be available on June 20 when it releases on computers.

Source : Zing

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