Home Top stories Edit: Development of Perfect Dark is said to be on track.

Edit: Development of Perfect Dark is said to be on track.

Edit: Development of Perfect Dark is said to be on track.

A few days ago we reported on rumors regarding reboot development problems. Perfect darkness. Although they came from reliable sources and were a continuation of de facto confirmed reports about earlier problems and a complete reboot of the project, it seems that things will not be so bad for the game this time. The journalist corrected his statement Jeff Grubb.

According to Grubb, some developers see errors in the design. “The same number, if not more, now that I’ve had the opportunity to talk to more people, I think it looks really good and that it’s happening. They are waiting [Perfect Dark] I’ll show it in the window in a month,” he says.

However, Jeff Grubb does not guarantee the presence of the game at the June presentation. This could change, and Microsoft is still in talks about how Perfect Dark will be presented and what players will learn. “It’s a complex thing, it costs a lot of money and requires a lot of people, but it’s not in such a bad state that it will prevent its completion,” he adds.

He had already spoken positively about the Perfect Dark insider before Grubb. Nate Hate: “At this point, I firmly believe that we will see Perfect Dark next month, and some of the recent rumors may be outdated information. I heard this week that Perfect Dark isn’t in such bad shape.”

Presentation of Xbox games will take place June 9 from 19:00 and in addition to Perfect Dark from the studios The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics, a new part of the series may be shown Mechanisms of War.

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