Using special tactics, the player tested the capabilities of the lords of the estates.

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As a proper building strategy, Manor Lords is the ideal testing ground for those who like to experiment. Currently, one player has tested how large a city can function, assuming it only has one market, and it appears that a ready-made metropolis is capable of existing without its own front counter. With only one market, desman2k6’s city population is 3,220, which is an impressive figure. There are a total of 1055 third-level plots, so the player made the most of the potential for improving houses that bring various benefits to the ruler.

The market itself contains only 169 stalls, which is quite a bit. Therefore, it is surprising that he managed to feed all the residents. Overall, as far as it goes, this piece is very interesting. You can find Manor Lords in Early Access on PC, where you can also try out this incredibly fun game.

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